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Welcome To The K-RANCH - Since 1991!
We have 22 years experience in restoring antique horse drawn carriages & sleighs & have completed & sold over 400 different vehicles since 1991.  Woodworking, painting & pinstriping are all done by hand as we try to reconstruct the original color schemes whenever possible.  Hardwoods such as poplar, hickory, maple, walnut & oak are used due to their durability & strength.  A variety of heavy fabric materials such as wool, leathers & printed fabrics are used for the upholstery.
Kratz Carriage & Sleigh Works  K-Ranch Restorations  Richlandtown PA  18955  Phone 215.721.4700
Due to Pennsylvania's Equine Laws, all items are offered for display purposes only.  Use at your own risk.

Doctor's Top Buggy with Shafts - $975.00

Doctor's Carriage with Shafts for $975.00! 

Call 215-721-4700 to make an appointment for an in person inspection of this fine original Carriage with Shafts!
Some of our Past Offerings...
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