Kratz Carriage & Sleigh Works - Restoration Gallery
Welcome To The K-Ranch Restoration Gallery!
Here you will find past carriages, wagons & sleighs that we have restored.

We update the restoration gallery frequently, so check back often! 

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1894 Mennonite Market Wagon
  • Excelsior Carriage Company, Watertown, NY
This was the condition the wagon was found in after sitting in a barn for over 50 years.Wheels were rebuilt by Witmer Coach Shop in New Holland, PA & were put on rubber tires.Running gear was restored separately from the body.The finished product!  We were able to save the antique rearview mirror.A view of the driver side - The wagon has sliding side doors & convertible windows just as in an Amish buggy.  The wagon also has the orginal working tailgate & a rear door that is supported by hinges.
Customizable Miniature Sleigh - B
  • Requested by a customer to be used as a display piece
  • Measures 4' long x 3' tall x 2+' wide
Assembly of miniature sleigh
With side panels & dash
View of left side
Rear viewFirst coat of fire engine red oil-based paint
Finished product!
Portland Cutter Sleigh
  • Totally rebuilt with new wood
  • Irons & dashboard were the only original pieces left
Cutter sleigh with new hardwood runners & cross members
Assembly of body frame
Body panels attached
Alternate view of body panels
First coat of oliver green industrial paint
Finished product!  Currently on display at the Great American Pub in Conshohocken, PA!
Portland Cutter Sleigh
  • Originally built in Mount  Bethel, PA
  • Totally restored
Damaged in transport - needed to be totally rebuilt
Primed & ready for paint
First coat of hand-mixed red paint
Custom pinstriping on the back of sleigh with maker's tag
Close-up of upholstery
Black fenders
Customizable Miniature Sleigh - A
  • Used as a decoration for my own personal use
Built with scrap wood that was availableReady for primerFinished product!
Portland Cutter Sleigh
  • Found in Bath, PA
  • Came with the original upholstery which was still intact
Found in great original condition.  First coat of primerHand-painted eagle headCustom pinstriping on the dashAnother view of the custom pinstriping
New black wool upholstery is not pictured.  Currently on display at the Great American Pub in Wayne, PA!
Early 20th Century Heavy Market Wagon
  • Found in a barn in Harleysville, PA where it sat for over 50 years
Original running gear
Custom-built oak body with toolbox in front
Albany Cutter Sleigh with Shafts
  • Currently for sale
  • Upholstery work in progress
Original condition
Original conditionFirst coat of International Harvester Red - Side viewAnother view of the first coat of International Harvester RedCustom pinstriping on the dash
Currently 90% finished - Upholstery, carpeting & iron work need to be attended to
Studebaker Wagon Company Doctor's Buggy
  • Unique elliptical springs & trunk included
  • Sold in 2010
Full-Size Antique Portland Cutter Sleigh
  • Currently under restoration
The entire sleigh had to be reassembled as it was in pieces when purchased.Together again!  Notice the antique brass screened dash rail.
Portland Cutter Sleigh
  • Restored in 2010
  • Manufactured in Adele, PA
  • Original maker's tag
  • Shafts with brass bells
Portland Cutter Sleigh
  • Currently under restoration, waiting for pinstriping, artwork & upholstery this weekend
  • Found in a barn in Sciota, PA in 2012
Restoration began; dash has been removed
Draft Horse Road Cart
  • Currently for sale
  • Found in original poor condition overall
First coat of Industrial yellow
Miniature Market Wagon
  • Currently Sold!
  • Built entirely from scratch with a set of matching shafts.